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Healing sound from Paris

Eux means “Loro” in italian. It refers to every people that passed away, but also the ones who are still here. The band started with the simple idea to play beautiful, sad and powerful music. Once Jérome found the magnificient riffs for the first tracks, I found the way to talk about our dears by getting everything out of myself with screaming and hitting the drums hard.

Line up got bigger, what does this chance involve to your sound, during composition and on live acts?

This time we have the pleasure to interview EUX, a screamo band from Paris.
We saw them live twice, the first time in Paris and the second at our Punky Reggae Pub. You can trust us, their live are so immersive! Their sound is very taut and strong especially thinking about the band members: JUST TWO. Fabien singing and playing drums and Jerome at the guitar. But something changed last months…

So, Who is Eux? How does the project started and developed?

Flow’s coming was necessary. With our first album, we were following the same schemes in our songs. Even if “Les Autres” was something very particular for me (with the subjects and the epic parts), we needed to dig something more. Flow brought diversity, another point of view, he took the natural and very active place in the writing process. In addition, dissociate the guitar and the bass brought more focus on him, and let Jérôme more space to concentrate on the guitar (specially live)
The first time I listened to “Les Autres”, i was amazed by the LP. I started to play bass on it, just alone at home. As I booked a show for Eux, and i knew Fabien, i asked them to join the band. They said yes. It’s been now more than a year that we play together. We worked the songs from the LP altogether to play them live and now we really enjoy writing songs as a trio. The bass adds so much in the sound of Eux, as the band was just 2 people before. It’s also easier live now, as our setlist breaths a lot more with 3 instruments.

Recently you released a new great track. We saw it takes part to a nice collaboration with Ysidro band from the states. How did it happened?

We had this new song “The Shame”, that was the first we wrote as a 3-piece band. We shot a video for it and we wanted to release it. It happened that i’m a friend of Ysidro’s bass player, who lived in Paris for a while. We love the band and know also another member. It seemed so natural to share songs with bands and people we like. The result is really amazing and we love the idea. Plus, sharing a split release with an american band with members of Loma Prieta and Beau Navire was really exciting. The songs have been mastered by Brad Boatright who worked with bands like Converge, Full Of Hell, Cult Leader, Oathbreaker…

We know some lyrics are really important for you, what are they about?

Yes, every song idea is important, speaking about woman abuse, or people we have lost. Especially, the first LP, which is a kind of an outlet for the grievings i’ve been personnally feeling.
It’s my way to heal but also talk about theses friends or family as much as i can in order to break taboo about death. Communication is the key to overcome everyday life’s problems, and also to let these lost people resonate through us.
The song that defines it the most is “Mathias”, which speaks about my first child, gone when my partner was 8 month pregnant. That was a dreadful time (added to everything i had before), but talking about him now by screaming and let him travel “the world” is vital for me. He’s still living thanks to this song.

This is a tough period due to Covid19, How does this changed your life?

(Flow) As for me, i see it like a signal to everything that we used to do, consume, use, feel. There is now a point of no return, where we have to wonder what are our limits. We have to use less things but our minds. For Fabien and me, we have no work as we work in the music area, and all shows are cancelled for at least 6 months. As always, we have to count and help families and friends.

You are from one of biggest cities in Europe, do you think this can help a band like you? How’s the Paris “scene”?

(Flow) Paris has always been up and down, especially for venues to play. There have always been tons of bands. Scenes and venues are like waves: they come and go. We still have passionate people who give their hear, time and money to let loud music live, and we move forward together. I have friends in different part of France, who are also dealing with the same problems as Paris, but sometimes as their city is less expensive, and there are less bands, they can easily find a show as an opening band, get more attention from the local audience, find a cheaper place to rehearse. Paris is a difficult city for all theses reasons, but there are also a lot of shows happening here, and we have the chance to.

Last time we met, you were touring Europe for few shows. What are the main differences between places, collectives and attitude you stepped in?

(Fabien) Tricky one to answer to. I prefer to see every common ground that bonds a community with women and men, countries and eclectic cultures that have the same purpose: do, share and listen to beautiful music. We cannot claim to judge this with just few shows abroad. If i could find a difference between the counties we have crossed, it’s the disparity of the screamo scene and the people involved in it and the way they help small bands like us to let music travel. We didn’t play Germany, Switzerland, nor Spain yet, but Italy helped us a lot with good connections we like to perpetuate. We are still a young band and have a lot to prove to get the audience attention. No difference between a backroom in a bar, a venue, or a renovated squatt: our sound is loud and we love it this way.

What Eux will be in the future?

(Flow) We are now writing our second LP and cannot wait to be back on the road to play theses songs. Thanks for your time with Full Hc, see you next time around Europe!

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